Amazon Fulfillment Services

ZK Shipping was born in the space of Amazon serving hundreds of third party sellers. We have the expertise to prepare your FBA and FBM shipments according to Amazon prepping standards.

FBA Services

Amazon FBA prep services can be costly if and time consuming if not executed correctly. Our team of expertise prepare FBA shipment according to Amazon strict and standardized preparation policies.

FBM Service

Our system integration allows our customers to fulfill their Amazon orders direct to consumer. We ship hundreds of FBM orders daily, meeting Amazon’s on-time shipping and quality requirements.

Amazon Prime Badge

We have the quality and expertise to manage SFP program and provide outstanding experience to your customers.

E-Commerce Fulfillment Services

Our pick and pack services are for brands that ships hundreds or thousands order per month for all e-commerce channels and marketplaces.

Virtual Bundling

Customers ordering multiple products in one order.

Branded Packaging

Our team will work with you to develop a customize package to your customers.

Gift Sets

Our team will help you with custom design and messages for holiday and seasonal specials.

Material Sourcing & Procurement

We will work with you to pick the right sized material such as boxes, inserts or flyers.


We provide kitting, assembly, and many more value-adds to fulfill your unique needs and provide the best in class customer experience.

Customized Kitting

We build hundreds of kitting daily for different in different sizes and categories.

Customer Packaging

We can handle different packaging option depending on your products and customers needs.


Our team provide top-notch solution for returns or Amazon order removals.

Realocate Inventory

We make sure your products are back in stock and ready to ship without sacrificing quality and customer service.

Testing Items

Our team provide testing and inspection for Amy returned items according to customer guidelines.

Repacking of Refurbished Returns

We specialize in refurbishing and testing returned products, specifically re-flashing electronics. Don’t lose money on returned products.

Storage Solutions

Whether you need storage to minimize your freight costs or for Amazon order removals, we offer flexible and competitive rates.

Accurate stock management

Our system will track inventory levels and minimize the risk of overstocking or stockout.

24/7 Surveillance

You can rest assure that your product are monitored 24/7. Our warehouse is equipped with technology that monitor shelves and pallet spaces.